Saturday, November 11, 2017

Super Science Saturday Recap

Hello everyone!

We had a great turnout today at our Super Science Saturday event! There were about 400 participants today which is a significant increase compared to our previous years of hosting this event. The make your our slime, fidget spinner, and bath bomb booths were the most popular booths this year. We had so many people at these booths that we had to send our wonderful robotics parents to the store to buy more supplies to keep these booths up and running.

A big thanks to NASA, the Gem and Minerals Society, and the Astronomy Club for having a booth today. We deeply appreciate it.

Earlier this week we went to Jacobsen Middle School and taught Mrs. Bowman's classes how to program their own google logo on Hour of Code. The students had a wonderful time and we were all very excited to finally be able to bring hour of code to the middle school.

Overall it was a very busy week. Nice work everyone! You all did awesome, and I hope you all had fun!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Designing a Google Logo with Jacobsen Middle School students

We had a great time helping teachers at Jacobsen Middle School today!  Google is featuring a programming activity, where kids from 4th through 8th grade can design their own version of the Google logo and submit it for consideration to be used during Computer Science Week in December. A few teachers at JMS allowed us to come into their classrooms and help their students participate in this activity. We worked with the students and started them off with the basics of picking different characters that they wanted for each letter then taught them how to set a themed background. They could then animate their letters. For example, one student who really likes soccer programmed a soccer ball "o" to move across the screen in which it made it look like a goal was being scored.

We were very excited to be at the middle school teaching the students programming. We go to all the elementary schools to teach the younger students programming but this is the first year we've done it at the middle school level. I can't wait to see what other programs and how many more students we can reach at the middle school.