Monday, January 29, 2018

Junior Robotics Special Meetings

Today, we refired the Junior Robotics program for our special events. We've combined 30 of our FLL Jr. kiddos into five teams to participate in the FLL Jr. Exposition at LEGOLand.  We have done this every year since we started FLL Jr. and it's such a great way to wrap up the season.  Through the quarter auction fundraiser, and reduced event pricing from LEGOLand, we are able to offer families a discount for tickets on the day of the expo.  All of our team members who mentor in Junior Robotics are able to come along and enjoy a day at the park with the FLL Jr. kids.

Additionally, we have one FLL team that advanced to Championships and they are itching to start refining their robot for that event.  We are so proud of them and can't wait to see what they do between now and then!

Of course, the FTC team has been meeting regularly since September, building a very cool robot for the Relic Recovery challenge.  They meet in the same space as our team and have become such a great addition to our evenings!  We can't say how proud we are of them, and how happy we are to be mentoring such a great group of middle schoolers!

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