Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hour of Code at Golden Hills Elementary School

As I said, we double dipped today!  The other half of our Outreach Team went to Golden Hills Elementary to help facilitate the Hour of Code, in celebration of Computer Science Week!  We have been doing these visits for four years now, and we love to see the excitement of the elementary kids when we get in their and start working with them. has a great bunch of contributors to the Hour of Code program, so there are always cool and up-to-date activities for us to use with the kids, tailored to every grade level.

For this day, we went to visit the 1st through 3rd grade classrooms at Golden Hills (we will get fourth and fifth in the spring). We used the following programs:

First Grade did Monster Coding, where they designed their own monster using programming. They learned to use "if/then" statements to take their monster on an adventure in which they decoded a map to an island and found a solution for their monster to escape the island.

Second Grade did Wayfinding with Moana, where they guided Moana and Maui on the ocean to find fish and dodge rocks as they approached a barge. They also programmed a character of their choice to dodge and strike down Kakamora in which they learned to use the repeat, repeat until, and  if/then functions.

Third Grade did Myra's Dream, where they helped Myra defeat monsters and get to a castle so she could get her stolen dream back. They used when run, if/then and other simple statements to defeat all the monsters and finish their quest.

We cannot wait to spend time with the fourth and fifth graders next semester and see how creative they can be with their code.


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