Saturday, December 2, 2017

Junior Robotics at the Ridgeview Raptors Rumble Qualifying Tournament

Wow, was it another busy day for Junior Robotics!  We took nine of our eleven FLL teams to Ridgeview Middle School for the Ridgeview Raptors FLL Qualifying Tournament.  The kids were awesome!  They had robots and projects and awesome team spirit with a solid dose of core values sprinkled throughout.  Every team did their best and worked together to make a solid showing at the competition.  The venue was great, too!  The Ridgeview ASB put on a mini-carnival for the day to give kids an outlet for pent up energy, including games, prizes, and a bounce house!

In the end, we had one team, The Cream Cookie Builders, qualify to advance to the Central Valley Championships in Clovis on February 24th, and we had another team, the Juicy Oranges, walk away with the second place trophy for their project - repurposing shower water for other uses in the home.  We are very proud of all our teams!  Thanks for a great season and we can't wait to see what you accomplish next year!

If you want to see their projects and pictures from the teams and the competition, visit our Junior Robotics landing page and click on the individual teams for the 2017 FLL HydroDynamics season.

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